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Advancing Technology: New Styles Of Video Games

In the past, games have had separate modes for Single Player and Multiplayer modes. From recent surfacing of video game footage, it seems that because of new technology, there is going to be integration of both modes. There will be a seamless connection between Multiplayer and Single Player. This will enhance how video games are played because you will constantly be connected with others while you are playing. With the evolution of graphics we’re going to see more realistic looking games. Storytelling in video games will be at an all-time high because emotions and feelings will be able to come across on an animated characters face. If one of their comrades die in battle, or they win the lottery, we will be able to see the pain or joy in their faces. It’s also been confirmed that tablets will be able to be used with the new consoles to enhance the gameplay experience. With new technology being released constantly, it’s hard to see where the future of gaming will go. However, it’s known that gaming companies are going towards experiences where you will always feel connected to others while you are playing.

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