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Video games and the methods of game play

There are many different genres of video games that millions of people enjoy on a daily basis. The first person shooter is a popular genre for competitive multiplayer. Role-playing games are another popular genre for older gamers. Real-time strategy games are a popular genre played at many e-sports tournaments by professional gamers. Role-playing games allow you to take control of a character and take part in the adventures of that character. Leveling up your character with experience points is a common theme with these types of games.

First-person shooters include the popular titles such as Battlefield 3, the Call of Duty series and Teamfortress 2. These games offer action-packed gameplay that immerses you into the character you’re playing. The controls for FPS games are usually very basic and easy to understand for most gamers. FPS games are very popular with teens in the United States.

Real-time strategy games require fast reactions and well-developed strategies to succeed. Titles such as Warcraft and Starcraft are played competitively at e-sports tournaments all around the world. Starcraft is a very popular e-sport in South Korea. It is broadcast on public television with much fanfare. These games use the mouse and keyboard to select and give orders to your units.

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