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How popular is the X-Box 360 game console

How popular is the X-Box 360 game console in its seventh year of existence? It’s now 1. It’s has convincingly corned the market for new sales. Overall, Nintendo WII ranks number one in total sales but for nearly three years running Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has dominated in US sales. What’s new this year following the 2011 Christmas season is that Xbox 360 is the bestselling game console globally. Here’s how the big three (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) ranked after the 2011 Christmas season was tallied up:

    < li>Microsoft Xbox 360: 8.2 million units sold

  1. Sony PlayStation 3: 6.5 million units sold
  2. Nintendo WII U: 5.6 million units sold

Just to underscore the popularity of the Xbox 360, most game consoles experience a decline in sales and market share after year six. In the case of the Xbox 360, the addition of the Kinect Motion Sensor revitalized sales of game console with steadily increasing sales over a two year period. Now, it stands as the number one selling game console well above its competitors. If that wasn’t enough, consider that the success of the Xbox 360 comes at a time that accessories related to gaming consoles has dropped overall by 14. Thus far, the Xbox 360 has defied history and downward economic trends. That’s how popular it really is!

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