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Video games and changes over several years

Most avid video gamers can remember a time way back in the age of horribly pixelated lore when video games were sidescrolling, blocky, and horribly animated. However, there have been quite a few changes in the lifetime of the video game. Video games have been constantly upgrading their pixel count, physics, realistic views, and everything in between. We have gone from the horribly pixelated sidescrolling mess to a crisp, clear, and almost realistic shooters and role-playing games. Video games have taken on a new evolutionary step in the past ten years going from a “nerds” favorite hobby to something that anyone and everyone has tried, enjoyed, and continued to spend their free time doing for quite a few years. Video games are moving into an era where they are no longer considered dorky and weird but instead are awesome and cool. Special effects, great clear picture, and a new molecular structure that replaces pixels has pushed video games into the next era, an era where everyone plays video games and they are a major market that many cannot live without. They are replacing the hobbies of almost every child and soon video games will be moving into the next era. What comes then? We can only wait and see.

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