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Cheat codes for Modern Warfare and tips to survive

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare is a complex, complicated and truly invigorating game. Many who are new to the series, however, are wondering how to survive longer and activate cheat codes. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we have a few tips.

Cheat Codes

Everyone needs a little cheat now and again. These codes work for the Xbox360 version of the game.

If you are looking to replenish your ammo and you are nowhere near a “re-up” site try pressing X,B,Y, A, A. Once you enter the code a menu will pop up on screen. Press B,B, Y, X, A once in that menu and you’ll be ready to go again.

Grenade replenishing can be achieved by pressing LT,RT,RT,X,B,A, RB and LB at any point during the game.

Many cheats can be unlocked by leveling up or grabbing up Intel pieces as well.

Survival Tips

Know the location of the armouries on the map you are playing and stay relatively close to them, or head towards them as your ammo is getting low. You don’t want to be caught out of ammo and far from the armouries; you are just an easy target then.

Find a good spot and camp there in survival mode. You want a location that is well covered and has easy viewpoints from all sides. Camping is controversial, but in survival mode it is a necessity.

Plant claymores. The more you thin out the herd the better off you’ll be so be strategic about it. Enemies spawn in several areas, so spend some time planting claymores to thin those enemies out quickly.

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