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Reviews for the Madden NFL 2013 for X-Box 360

I have played quite a few football games in the past few years and I had started to fade away from them. This was because the physics were poor, the graphics bland, and the excitement was really just gone. However, then I found Madden NFL 2013 for X-Box 360! This game is absolutely great! The graphics are sharp and the players actually look real. The physics are sharp and the passes, tackles, and even just the running looks so much better than earlier versions that I have played and been bored to tears with the unrealistic look and quality. Madden NFL 2013 is amazing and I have enjoyed playing it for hours straight for the past week. There are tons of choices on teams and players and you can swap and switch any player with any team. I have been mixing and matching and creating my perfect team for my NFL 2013. This game is great and I would highly reccommend it to each and every Madden NFL fan of all ages. You will be astonished by this games quality, graphics, gameplay, and even the loading times are much faster than previous versions. Its a great game and I am even going to go play it right now!

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